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What is the velocity of an Agile scrum methodology?

Let's discuss some of the important measurements in Agile, and that is the Velocity of the Scrum team work. Based on Wikipedia definition Velocity is " ...the rate of change of its position with respect to a frame of reference and is a function of time...", which when transferred to the scrum world can be summarized as: The amount of work that the scrum team completed in a single measure of time - in a sprint. How we Calculate Velocity? Velocity is actually a very simple to calculate, it is done but totaling the number of story points of fully completed user stories from the sprint backlog. So if a current sprint included 4 user stories: 2 with 8 story points each, one with 3 story points and one with 32 story points. and by the end of the sprint the 32 one was not fully done the velocity calculation will be: 8+8+3=19 Note: the 32 story points are not part of the velocity calculation as this user story was not completed. What Velocity is used for? The v

Performance testing vs Load testing vs Stress testing

Today I want to discuss a popular topic regarding a difference between Load and Performance testing. Those two types of testing are commonly used together but there are several key differences between the two. To get a better understanding of the topic lets have a real life example from one of my clients and use it to explain the difference. I have worked for a client that was building an in-house web application that provides its customers with an option to select and order different products and services. The request was, before the up-coming release, to test the performance of their product. We started the task by trying and understand what they expect from performance point of view and then went through an exercise of defining what is captured by what test. The client said that they are looking to have about 900-1300 active users on the site at a given moment, and the expected response time (for a page to load) should be less than 5 seconds. With those details what are the t