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What is ETL system testing?

This week let’s talk about what is ETL System testing, and what exactly do we test when we perform this type of test? But as usual let’s start from the very beginning and understand what ETL type of system is. What Is ETL System? ETL – Extract Transfer Load. This type of a system has a special structure that is usually used in case when we want to either load or extract data in big amounts that cannot be contained in a regular API. In other words we are talking about a components that their main purpose is to move around big amounts of data and manipulate it along the way based on specific logic. ETL system implementations are different; involving different data sources on different platforms; each of those systems can be broken down to a set of interfaces that work together to move the data, but despite the differences we can commonly group them based on the direction the data flows at from data source perspective into two groups:          Inbound interfaces