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What is a Scrum Development Team - 7 minute Guide

I have noticed in many places that are working on implementing Agile methodology a popular misconception around the question who are the Scrum Development Team. Most people wrongly assume that it is the de facto developers who write the code and when I point out that it is not the case it is being met by dismay and skepticism. "Developers are developers, who else can development team be?" I was told once in a such discussion, and the answers to that is hidden with in the Scrum guide If one will go and carefully review the guide one can find the following definition there: "The Development Team consists of professionals who do the work of delivering a potentially releasable Increment of "Done" product at the end of each Sprint." Take a note of the phrase "... rofessionals who do the work of delivering..." those are not only the developers who write the code but also the Testers who test the code, the BAs who taking care of Backlog items

How To Make WiFi Tethering in Windows 10 or Windows 7?

It happens, specially when you are doing some testing with mobile devices, that you need to connect to only internally available application. The issue is with devices that have only WiFi connection and cannot be directly connected to internal network (LAN). For those cases you can create a temporary HotSpot (a connection sharing) on your Windows machine that will allow you to connect your device through it to your internal network, to have the following set-up: Lets create the set-up: Click Windows logo at the bottom left hand corner, type cmd , right-click the Cmd.exe link and select “Run as Administrator”. If you don’t have this option you cannot proceed. Sorry. Talk to your System Admin and show them this article. But if you can the following black window will open up: Here Type the command below: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=MyNetwork key=MyPass You of-course welcome to replace “MyNetwork” with the name you’d like to use for your new wifi ne

SQL Server - How to search in all Databases for Stored Procedure that uses specific table

My team and I were recently faced with a challenge that required us to search the database for a stored procedure that contains reference for a specific table or another stored procedure. We were able to accomplish that by a simple text search query that uses the system object definition and goes like that: SELECT OBJECT_NAME(object_id) FROM sys.sql_modules (nolock) WHERE definition like '%----SOME TEXT HERE----%' The interesting part begins once we were faced with a more complex system structure that included stored procedures which can be called from different databases and include inserts, updates and selects to yet another set of databases. Of curse executing the same query again and again for each database to perform the required search was not an option so the solution presented itself in an undocumented system stored procedure called sp_MSforeachtable . This stored procedure allows us execute the same query for all the databases on the server with "?" us

10 statuses you should have in a Defect Life-Cycle

There are different approaches to achieve a proper Defect life-cycle solution with different theories and goals behind each one of them but from my experience most of the solutions that will have the following 10 statuses when implemented will have the better results in improving the final quality of the company’s product:

5 Steps to Install Robot Framework for Web Testing Automation - 7 minute Guide

Lately, I found myself helping several people to begin their automation testing journey. And what a better place to do it then a nice new installation of a Robot Framework with its Selenium2Library on a Windows OS. Why Robot Framework with Selenium2Library? While you are probably here because you are looking for a quick installation guide for Automation Testing platform for you web project, I still need to do my do diligence and explain in couple of words why we need it. Robot Framework it's a Python framework that allows for a less development oriented Manual QA professionals to do a quick switch into Test Automation. This can be achieved by allowing for easy English phrases (e.g. Click Element, Wait, etc) to replace a more complex Python syntax. Selenium2Library it's additional add on on top of Robot Framework that allows easy interaction with web elements during the automation process. That's it..... DONE with the talking now the installation.... Installatio